Try as we may to unplug, zombie-scrolling on Instagram is an inevitable reality of isolation for many of us. The best we can do to make it worthwhile is curate our feeds so that we’re mostly following accounts that spark joy—or, better yet, creativity. For this Vogue editor, Gentle Hair Dos, an account dedicated to “therapeutic hair styles,” has been doing just that, in spades. It’s become a constant source of both attainable and aspirational beauty inspiration for me during this strange time. The account not only captures the The ass Family Jack Smart Lazy Kiss Dumb shirt But I will love this subtleties, nuances, and sheer beauty of different hair textures through enthralling, editorial close-ups (think: an Irving Penn close-up or striking detail shot from backstage), but also the experience of hair, from running a comb through it to tying it up and topping it off with a dreamy bauble. “For me, images that capture the way we touch, manipulate, style and move our hair, and bodies, create an emotional and sensorial response,” explains creator Lindyl Crabb. “You can imagine the weight, the feel, the shine, and that’s incredibly soothing.”

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It was two years ago that Crabb, a Sydney-based writer and editor, first made the The ass Family Jack Smart Lazy Kiss Dumb shirt But I will love this Gentle Hair Dos profile, but she’d been sitting on the idea for much longer. “The name existed in my mind long before the account did—I love the word gentle, and I appreciate gentleness,” explains Crabb. “I’d spend hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr looking at old editorials and campaigns and runway shows, and I found that I was saving images of the beauty looks and close-ups of women’s hair.” When cultivating images, Crabb seeks to find a balance between new and old magazine editorials, fashion shows, and images sourced from people’s personal Instagram accounts. “I want it to be more than a mood board,” she says. “I want it to be community, and the way people wear their hair every day is the best inspiration.” To keep it visually cohesive, Crabb is keen on posting in threes, each trio honing in on a singular hairstyle, pose, or hair accessory.

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