With its visual throughlines, the The best Dads Drive jeeps vintage shirt and by the same token and larger narrative is certainly palpable, but it’s still easy to wonder: What constitutes a “gentle” hairdo? “It could be hair in its [raw] state, just naturally beautiful in color or texture or energy,” explains Crabb. “But it could also be visually tactile, or appear effortless, or take you back to the way you did your hair when you were 10, or [it could] have been styled by hand in the most artistic or joyful or graceful way.” For Crabb, gentle is more of a feeling, not defined by color, texture, or length; this concept continues to expand over time as she discovers more women, photographers, and hair stylists. In this emotionally taxing time, Crabb hopes that Gentle Hair Dos’ soothing and calming theme can offer some respite. “Lately I’ve reduced my news intake because the exposure was having an impact on my sense of hopefulness and happiness,” says Crabb. “I’ve turned to reading fiction, listening to podcasts that make me smile, and searching social media for visual inspiration—consuming things that don’t weigh me down. I hope Gentle Hair Dos can contribute to that peaceful mind balm for someone. ”

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Good hair days abounded on Instagram this past week. Designer Eliana Rodriguez rocked tousled, floor-grazing pigtail braids in her “post-apocalypse” look. Meanwhile, singer Ama Lou eased into her 21st year with brushed out coils, silky-smooth skin, and some sunnies. Speaking of curls, a seaside Frederikke Sofie embraced her golden spirals as they glistened under the The best Dads Drive jeeps vintage shirt and by the same token and sun. Artist Andrea Valle pointed attention to her press-on nails, which were splattered in neon and cotton candy colored hues and offered inspiration for a quick at-home manicure. For Ciara, it was all about letting her skin breath, posing outdoors sporting a bare complexion with her growing baby bump. And in a similar spirit, Salem Mitchell’s skin glowed naturally under the sunlight.

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